The stories behind the mayhem
behind the ads

Back in the dark and gritty past, when people still loved advertising and the advertising industry still loved its long boozy lunches, shiny sportscars and non-presecription medication, some things happened in agencies that would result in legal action if anyone tried them today.

Some of these stories have become legendary. And we'll be sharing others for the very first time. But all of them are entertaining. And very few of them would be possible today without the involvement of the human resources department.

We're planning to release a book of these stories towards the end of 2016. We've recently started collecting them. So if you've got any corkers you'd like us to consider, we're all ears.

Tell us your tale

So what kind of story?

In short - a good 'un.

In long - a f***ing good 'un.

We're working with our contributors to make sure the best stories are told in the best way. And with more than a dash of creativity. That means it doesn't just have to be in words. For example, here's a tale from John Jessup, one of the chaps behind the project.


by John Jessup

In the late 70’s I was working at Ogilvy Benson & Mather as an art director and creative group head alongside the illustrious Gerry Moira.

The team behind the project

John Jessup

After many years as Creative Director at Leo Burnett, John is now a retired creative dandy. He recently directed a documentary about a little town in California called Lone Pine, he's working on childrens' TV projects with his son and he's throwing himself headlong into this book. Pah! So much for retirement. He's busier than he's been in years.

Dave Birss

After 20 years as an advertising creative, Dave threw in the commercial towel to work on other creative projects. He's the author of A User Guide to the Creative Mind, Editor at Large of The Drum, presenter of The Day Before Tomorrow and a popular speaker. He also founded, which is how he got the skills to throw this page together.

Supporting the folks
who support the industry

All proceeds from the book will be donated to NABS, the organisation that's dedicated to the wellbeing of everyone in advertising and media. This is all about using the ridiculous history of the ad industry to help the people who are the future of it.